PayU Subscription

Giving you full control to manage your subscription payments

Ideally suited for


Enterprise merchants


Small and medium businesses

What types of payments do we offer?

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What you get with PayU Subscription

Making it easier for your customers with recurring payments to transact
  • Easy integration

    Easy integration

    We provide easy to integrate APIs that can be used to create a custom subscription plan for your customers along with customisable UI.

    Secure Tokenisation

    Secure Tokenisation

    Customers’ cards are securely tokenised and stored in our PCI-DSS level 1 compliant secured vault.

    Real-time response

    Real-time response

    You will receive real-time response of success/failure through the subscription dashboard.

  • Fraud management

    Fraud management

    Option to enable ReD Advanced Fraud Management Service.

    Central management

    Central management

    Managed by you, giving you full control over your customers’ cards.

    PayU Merchant Portal

    PayU Merchant Portal

    The PayU Merchant Portal provides a complete view of transactions made as well as their status (e.g. if payment was received).

Who can use PayU Subscription?